Catchy Songs

Considering it’s been ages since I’ve posted any songs and all that, lemme post a few songs that have gotten on to me for one reason or another:

Lady Antebellum – Need You Now – for everything that was so dear to me during BMT that constantly ran through my mind

Dr. Dre [Ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey] – Amazing vocals and catchy song that I can’t stop listening to

Jessie J [Ft. B.o.B.] – Love this song, great meaning inside as well!

Enjoy these few songs, while I prep for some stuffs…


Breaking the Silence

FINALLY, got some time to post! Weekend burned the week before, and was busy sorting out all my stuff the week before that… sigh ._. Such a hectic life to lead.

There’s so many things I’ve gone through over the past weeks, and some are seriously memorable. I wonder if I can post some of them up, considering it’s quite a lot of information? Gotta review the post before I release it. Anyway, loads of new songs that I’m falling in love with, but some songs don’t let me get bored no matter how much I’ve listened to it. Some are motivating, some push me on to the end. Lemme let you guys listen to one of the many :). Relax and enjoy!

The Quivering Knight

I’m down with some illness, again. Thanks to Tekong and maybe its water and the people who were down with illness before me. Sigh.

Upper respiratory tract infection. Horrible, horrible times to be undergoing yet again. The previous round took me 6 weeks to recover. I hope it won’t take that long this time, because I have some really major activities coming up very very soon.

I lost my voice, too. It’s almost impossible to talk with sound coming out now, although straining it a bit still allows for some sound… but I don’t want to strain it. Just gotta let it recover.

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The Recoursee’s Destiny Begins

So it’s nearly 12am when I post this.

Along with it, it’s time for me to step out a little from the darkness. Why bother hiding, right? 🙂 Oughtta open up a little.

I have to admit though, I must be an attention seeker doing so! Hahaha :).

While I’ll be only back 2 to 3 weeks later, I’ll promise loads of fun stuffs when I return :o. Nothing related to army, though…

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The Bringers of Life and Death

I just re-watched a few episodes of a particular anime, Casshern Sins.

I won’t blabber on about the plot, but just some interesting points I have to note of.

The anime is interesting, although it’s been say… about 3 years? since it’s release. Interesting that it’s still pretty fresh in my head.

When the world is doomed to ruin, is there a point in finding life, amongst death?

With life comes death, but are we treasuring our life as much as we should really be?

Will anyone… forget death?

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Towards the Critical Zone

Once again, I’m down for recourse.

Once again, it’s back in to Tekong.

Once again, I don’t know whether I can handle it, but I have way more motivation than I did the previous time.

There’s so many things I have ever wanted to say, but it seems like that opportunity is long gone, and there’s only a silent goodbye drifting through the air.

As I wait for the time to reach again, will I be successful this time? So many others have done it, why not me?

Apologies for inactivity. Been sorting loads of stuffs out recently.

Troubled Past, Present, Future

Too many things to worry about. Too many things to consider.

Too many things that has gone by, yet stay within the heart’s depths.

Of everything that has been seen and gone, what can be expected when time ticks by, ready for the next event to strike?

It’s all in the heart, whether or not acceptance can occur. But with the many troubles and obstacles that have littered the road to tomorrow, how long can one last on this path filled with dark secrets, pain, and worry?

Too many things left to be seen, too many worries unheard.

Too many troubles in the mind, yet what we listen to — is our heartbeat.