New Header!

Look up! That’s my brand new header to kick start my new adventure.

It’s Ryan, and the oh-so-cute Raccoon laying on the grass patch. Loved this picture, it’s so surreal. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 🙂


Project Chaos II [Naver]

Well, the New Year seems to be ushering some darker plots in KGC. I can’t wait for it to happen! Although it’ll take some time till it comes to NAGC (the server I play on), it’s still something worth anticipating, and seeing it’s development will be really interesting.

At the same time, there are many things I oughtta do, since things are going to develop very quickly in my life…

Also, considering the music lover I am, I’d never miss out on Top 100 hits! For those really bored, or just wanting to listen to 100 songs, get ready for a really, really long list of songs coming soon!

Perseo x Gaia – 2 [Naver]

As the time ticks down toward the brand new, yet very dark storyline, more images of Perseo and Gaia have surfaced. Interestingly, Perseo is… actually not a monster. I’m rather surprised, actually.

For once, his face is seen, but it seems like when we face him… rage will consume all that wish for nothing, but their love to return. Revenge unto those who has caused this suffering… or will it turn into a berserk fight against all who stands in his path instead?

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Grand Chase: Chaos [KGC]

Well, I’ve been talking about Grand Chase: Chaos in my previous posts, but what exactly is it?

All a new update to Grand Chase, following Season 3. Storyline improvements, dungeon shifts, and many, many more to come up.

First was a release of Zero, the Wanderer. He was the one to kick-start Chaos, and I believe this is just the beginning of them all. Here’s a short trailer to Zero, and GC: Chaos.

Zero, the Wanderer (Credits to TheUltraMegaNoob):

Grand Chase: Chaos (Credits to TheUltraMegaNoob once more):

Arme Skill Tree

Further testing functionality, but at the same time flaunting off my video making skills :P. I made this video for NAGC’s (North American Grand Chase) Arme Skill Tree video contest. Although it wasn’t the best amongst the rest, it was at the least a winner :D.

Note: Watch in 480p, full screen. Quality is way better.

While I admit I’m a heavy gamer, it’s all these that make it all the more fun :).