The Long Forgotten

Oh. Oops. Seems like I forgot about this blog already, hahaha! Anyway ever since my last post, I’ve been posting much more actively on my new blog. So much stuff about my life to post on currently anyway, so I’d encourage you to go there and have a look.

Long reads expected as per normal, don’t mind that, but it’s worth a read if you don’t have much to do 🙂


Sub-Blog: Roots of Life

Another blog of mine opened. This time, I guarantee it’s going to be a very active one, since… it’s going to be my register of all my life’s events from today. You should check it out, if you haven’t done so.

Along with the creation of the blog, 8, yes, eight blog posts have been created there. This is just the beginning :).

A quick link to the blog:

Roots of Life

A second sub-blog to come, I believe in the weekend. No guarantees though. I’m living a rather busy life now with so many things on track.

The Epic To-Do List

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG it’s FINALLY time for me to get it on! A To-Do list, really?!

Considering how long it’s been since I’ve actually done something like that for my life, it’s going to be epic :D. Even the smallest of things will seem all the more significant already. Huhuhuhu. And I keep having convenient amnesia anyway. Like, I keep saying I’d do a list, and what will be inside, but forget to do it (and what was supposed to be on it) eventually. Aw D:

So here goes! A nice to-do list, for my OWN reference >:(. Don’t continue reading! It’s all for personal use :D. Continue reading

In a Flash

And everything’s already past 1 and a half months. Amazing to see how time flies sometimes.

So this is a short post yet again, as I have changed my header once more. This time, it features a background I found somewhere, from Dragon Nest, yet another game I’m playing.

So what has happened to Grand Chase?

Things happen, I tell you. Things happen. And many other things are bound to happen in such a short span of time I’ve noticed it too.

Enjoy the background for now.

Oh and, I actually haven’t stopped writing and all that, it’s just hidden ;).

More Pics! More Vids! Less Words!

Well, at least that’s what I think many people were telling me to do since the start of my blogging account on Blogger.

Well, whaddya know? Been about 1 year+ now and I’ve gone over to WordPress.

What I can promise is, there will be more pictures, more videos, and more entertaining stuff to read, because I thought… meh, I should really spice up my blog. Things are in some interesting swirl in my life currently and it’s definitely going to get more exciting.

I can’t wait to post more stuffs up! In fact, I’ll post something in the next post ;).