Journal Entry #9

Switching to numbers now that I know dates can be so easily seen.

You know that moment of time when you gain inspiration or motivation from others, without them even knowing? Yeah, I’m having one of those moments.

I’ve always been drifting along, riding the waves and seeing where it took me. After such a long time, I’ve come to see that there’s many, many things I’ve missed.

To get in touch with the people I’ve not spoken to is akin to getting in touch with my past. There’s nothing left in the past, and I can only keep moving forward.

People say, or at least I say, that we are the consequences of our action. I’m living proof. So many immature things done, so many wrong actions that I’ve come to understand and learn from. I’ve lost many parts of socializing. I’ve lost what it means to be a ‘friend’ to someone. I don’t know if I’m a friend to someone or just someone they speak to for work purposes.

But still, I’ll keep fighting. This year is for me to prove to myself that I can be someone I never once was. I eagerly wait to see the end, but that will take time and effort. Effort from my side. I gotta work hard.


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