[Journal] 28 January 2014

So I just realized you can clearly see the date right above the title, so I really didn’t need to type the date again. Oops.

Anyway, today was the day I poured my darker side to a few friends I met online. They are one heck of an amazing bunch of people, and it’s really surprising how fast I let down my walls and told them things I’ve never told anyone else.

Sure, there’s always the “don’t talk to strangers” thing. But not this case. It’s so easy to talk to them, so open and ready to hear what each other has to say. Poking fun at them is returned only with hearty laughs or more poking and no resentment is present.

That’s what I’d want to seek in physical life, but I wonder, how easy is it for me to find people such as these?


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