[Journal] 2013 – It’s A Wrap!

Time flies, and this year it’s no different. It truly doesn’t feel like another year has passed although it has.

In an entire year, I realized a few things, both of myself and of other people. With these knowledge in mind, I hope to progress into 2014 a better man that will continue to push boundaries of my comfort zone.

1. No one comes to you, until you go to them – Experienced first hand. I suppose learning about how I functioned helped me approach people for assistance and all, but there is always that tiny bit of hesitation. Ego? Unnecessary worry? I don’t know, but I do want to work on this in the next year. No one knows what you’re going through, except yourself. If you can communicate with yourself, then the next step is to communicate with others to let them know what’s going on.

Similarly, it works for normal interaction. It’s unfortunate I’m usually sought for only for work purposes, but that’s probably partially my fault too since I don’t seem like a sociable person. But no, if you speak to me, I’ll gladly return the gesture. Yet I guess years of not socializing well has led me to where I am now, and this will take time to adjust.

2. It all depends on yourself – Stacking on point 1, even if you tell people your troubles, it is up to yourself to seek or accept help. Whatever you want to do in life depends more and more on you as you grow older. The trivial matters all the way to things that may affect your life permanently, everything is up to you. I may have regretted certain decisions in the past, but that only makes me understand how I’m the consequence of my own actions.

3. Your limits are greater than you think – And so I realized. Phase after phase I notice how I react to certain stimuli, although learning how to deal with it always troubles me. I’ve starved myself, knowingly, although I’m still learning how to cope with it. It’s ridiculous, but for every phase of this I go through, I find that I’m stronger than I think. I will not let this sort of things break my will and I’ll definitely continue pushing through these troubles and get rid of this sort of stupid thing in the years to come.

4. Regrets are only regrets if you don’t learn from them – Probably the one thing that’s going to be difficult for me to learn ._. This pretty much applies to my studies and not really focusing on them while others are slogging their guts out there. I feel bad.

And that’s pretty much it from what I learned. Of course, there’s probably loads I missed out, but for someone who leads a rather inactive life like me, I probably have so much to explore, so much to learn out there that I haven’t realized yet.


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