[Journal] 15 December 2013

Decided against transferring contents from my written journal for now since I’m not sure if it’s the best way to restart my blogging.

Anyway, tomorrow through Friday I won’t be around at home. The nation calls for me… Don’t really feel much this time although my worries are in the back of my mind. I don’t like making people worry, so I don’t say much.

After a while it gets tiring to keep everything bottled up, that’s why I express myself on a journal/blog when I can. It just sucks that I’m always this guy that worries about things before they happen, but hey, a week away from home is still quite significant for me. Hopefully all goes well.

When I return I’m going to look forward to doing many, many things. Things I have never really done of my own accord. Things I should have done that many do in their daily life but I don’t. Sometimes staying at home gets tiring, too. Guess I’m at that stage.

Just hope I’ll return home safe and sound.


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