The Simplest Form of Happiness

Went out with a few of my army mates today. Just a handful of people, but we managed to spend a few hours together. Other than just having a simple dinner, we just chatted, walked, chatted… and walked. It was great catching up with them considering how long it had been since I met with them.

Even though it was a very simple affair, sharing some experiences here and there, I just felt really happy inside. Sure we got tired from all the walking, but just being able to see faces we’ve spent a long time with again – that was what was great.

Now I do understand where people derive happiness from. Not everything is material. Some can only be derived from physical interaction. A few hours can make all the difference in a person’s mood…

Guess that’s why friends are important, eh? I’ll definitely treasure these relationships, because it’s where I found an outlet to speak my inner chaos comfortably, where I felt I was being heard, where they offered support. And for that, I sincerely thank them for everything that I’ve gone through with them thus far.

Thank you.


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