Clashing Minds

Sometimes it gets really tough to carry on doing what you want to do. Sometimes, you feel cornered because what you have been doing for a long time suddenly isn’t in your domain and worse, your new domain is being entered into. At points like this you feel like giving up and just letting other people handle your domain…

At least that’s how I feel today. Not the best feeling on earth but I’m trying to see it from another point, that maybe this is an opportunity for me to really take a backseat from what I’ve been doing for so long.

I take pride in my work, bit perhaps, too much pride that I have become territorial over it. I guess I have to go back to basics and consider why I began this journey in the first place, huh? Too many things to weigh, but I suppose the most important thing is for me to be able to take it in my stride and do what I love without being too bothered by actions from others.

It’s cracks like these in a team that causes issues, but I hope I can mend this crack before everything shatters around me…


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