Season of Changes?

…So I turned 20 a few days back, 2nd December, to be precise.

With this new age, I realized that there’s a lot of things that I didn’t do, or had promised to, but never did.

It’s something I always hated about myself, because that’s just like a person giving empty promises — it’s all just superficial, no depth, no truth…

I guess that’s why something just prompted me to get my act together. Like, honestly.

Whatever post you see below this? Yeah, that “To-Do-List”? Disregard that, in the end I realized I’m just bullshitting myself. Hell, why say something you’d intend to do, but never will do?

So in the end… I realized that there’s only a few things that I needed to focus on for this entire year, and it won’t even BE specific, cause being specific just means that my focus lies only in that tiny aspect. I want to change, as a whole.

So many things past, so many things to come, but there is only so much time available. I should really make full use of it.

And because of all these reflections, I came to a pretty sound, solid conclusion on what my ultimate goal is, before the big 21 comes:

– Giving the same, or more effort as to what others give me
– Having an increased dedication, in whatever I intend to do
– Not making false promises, or promises that I know cannot be fulfilled but are made just to make me feel good
– Achieving a better balance in my play-play-play-play-work life. Honestly, it’s been going on for too long.

I think, most importantly however, is actually the last point:

– Staying true to myself, for whoever I am

What’s the point of making so much “promises” at the start of a new age if nothing can be done? That’s why — I will make sure that all these promises hold firm.

So, disregard whatever you may have seen as empty promises from the below posts. It’s really another fresh start, in an “old” body. heh 😉


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