The Epic To-Do List

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG it’s FINALLY time for me to get it on! A To-Do list, really?!

Considering how long it’s been since I’ve actually done something like that for my life, it’s going to be epic :D. Even the smallest of things will seem all the more significant already. Huhuhuhu. And I keep having convenient amnesia anyway. Like, I keep saying I’d do a list, and what will be inside, but forget to do it (and what was supposed to be on it) eventually. Aw D:

So here goes! A nice to-do list, for my OWN reference >:(. Don’t continue reading! It’s all for personal use :D.

Let’s see… I gotta get/do/whatever:

  • Some boxers, or at least MORE UNDERWEAR ._.
  • A decently weighted dumbell (got my eyes on one already)
  • A mountable pull-up bar
  • A re-inflated bike for my use
  • Get to doing some physical activity during the weekends
  • Get a direct line cable connected to my desktop
  • Do up the last 3 blood-types for convenient viewing, but I get lazy after a while to update it…
  • A new page, all my choice of music, all meant to express myself!
  • …when I think up of more, I shall add it in. 😀

Can’t wait to get on to it, considering how some of these are really lifestyle changes! OMG 😀


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