What Flows in the Blood

So I figured I should compile my top mix of personalities that fits me the most.

I figured I should post the shorter, simplified version of mine first. If you want the top 25 of my favs, read below.

  1. I try to look strong outside, but am weak inside, affected by the smallest things.
  2. It’s not easy to get me to open up, but once I do, it means I trust you wholeheartedly.
  3. Because I’m rather sensitive to how others are feeling more often than not, I don’t force things upon them, but seemingly end up hurting myself instead.
  4. I love the “you be kind and I’ll be nice to you” thing, cause I believe in karma.
  5. I love peace, and harmony more than everything else, and I expect this to be existent in the environment I’m in.
  6. I love to laugh. Like, a lot.
  7. When I’m angry (if I ever am), I try to hide it. Too much bottling up makes me explode sometimes though, and I hate that.
  8. Gimme something I love, and I’ll focus on it for a looooooooooong time.
  9. I scratch my head on how to try to make people cheer up sometimes, because it hurts me to see them sad. Unfortunately I feel more helpless because I don’t know how to make them feel better.
  10. I’m a person you’ll find difficult to approach, but am actually very different, once you know who I really am inside.

Here’s the top 25 as mentioned. I copied it directly from the other post, so it’s “less personalized”. Lol.

  1. Type A are easily hurt at even the smallest things.
  2. Type A try to look strong on the outside.
  3. Type A do not open up their hearts easily.
  4. Type A are nice in front of everyone; even those they dislike, so if they dislike you, you will never know.
  5. Type A love to laugh.
  6. Type A may seem popular, but feel lonely easily, and cry when no one is around.
  7. Type A like peace, harmony, and organization.
  8. Although Type A are not cute in nature, they will try to act cute if someone is feeling down to make them smile.
  9. Type A get stuck on the small things in life.
  10. Type A hate being nagged at, even more than the other blood types.
  11. Type A are the most easily affected by atmosphere.
  12. Type A don’t give second thoughts to just friends; they only care about their few true friends.
  13. Once Type A trust you, they will not stop trusting you.
  14. When Type A are happy, they are extremely happy. When they’re sad, they’re extrememly sad.
  15. Type A may seem like worrywarts, but are adventurous on the inside.
  16. Type A have many good thoughts but not all of them are shown.
  17. Even if something is not to their liking, Type A will not complain.
  18. Type A are the most sensitive.
  19. Type A do not force their own opinions upon others.
  20. Type A are able to concentrate on anything.
  21. Type A are difficult to approach, but once you get to know them, they are very different from their first impression.
  22. When Type A get angry, they do not show it; they are only angry inside.
  23. Type A usually suppress their anger; but then comes a day when they may just blow up.
  24. Type A start determined, but most of the time, they end weakly, or even give up halfway.
  25. Type A put heavy emphasis on good manners.

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