Blood Types!

If you want more of these, you can go to:!/BloodTypes

And of course, as a disclaimer from BloodTypes itself: Your blood type does not determine who you are. These tweets are purely based on research and for your personal entertainment.

OMGAH it’s so true! Well at least for me anyway. Lemme compile a list….

  1. Type A are easily hurt at even the smallest things.
  2. Type A try to look strong on the outside.
  3. Type A are not always realistic with the concept of love.
  4. Type A do not argue often, but when they do, they prepare their arguments in advance.
  5. Type A do not open up their hearts easily.
  6. Type A are nice in front of everyone; even those they dislike, so if they dislike you, you will never know.
  7. Type A are always chasing after the confirmation of others’ love for them.
  8. Type A put their lover above everyone else, even themselves.
  9. Type A like to show their love to their lovers.
  10. Type A are easily touched, even by the smallest of things.

Take a short breather….

  1. Sometimes, Type A wish for a more adventurous love.
  2. Although Type A have simple thoughts, they seem to be very complicated people.
  3. Once Type A leave you, they are extremely hard to win back.
  4. Type A love to laugh.
  5. Type A love unconditionally.
  6. Type A are aggressive in their relationships. They are not afraid give it their all.
  7. Once Type A start to love, they never think of the end because they don’t believe it exists.
  8. Type A may seem very mature at first, but once you get to know them, they are quite child-like.
  9. Type A may seem popular, but feel lonely easily, and cry when no one is around.
  10. Type A are very warm and kind, but when put in a serious situation, they are known to sacrifice friendships.

Another breather…

  1. Type A cannot hide their anger.
  2. Type A are straightforward and like to do things their own way.
  3. Type A can chase someone of the opposite sex even if they don’t get a second glance.
  4. Type A sometimes apologize even though you may think they have done nothing wrong.
  5. Type A are perfectionists.
  6. Type A are fastidious, over-earnest, stubborn and tense.
  7. Type A are earnest, creative, sensible, reserved, patient and responsible.
  8. Type A usually find themselves ending up in stressful jobs.
  9. Type A like peace, harmony, and organization.
  10. Although Type A are not cute in nature, they will try to act cute if someone is feeling down to make them smile.

One more break…

  1. Type A like things so simple, sometimes they come off as stupid.
  2. Because Type A believe so strongly in love, they will do anything to protect it.
  3. Type A will not tell their friends about a breakup.
  4. Friends of Type A can go weeks without knowing about the breakup.
  5. Type A find it extremely hard to forget about him/her and expect him/her to show up anytime, apologizing.
  6. Type A have frequent moodswings.
  7. Type A girls like guys they are comfortable with.
  8. Once Type A start to laugh, they find it difficult to stop.
  9. Type A get stuck on the small things in life.
  10. Type A are very careful in taking the first step.

Never seems to stop does it? Another set of 10…

  1. Type A hate being nagged at, even more than the other blood types.
  2. Type A get stressed easily.
  3. Type A are the most easily affected by atmosphere.
  4. Before Type A do anything, they usually think and plan it out in detail beforehand.
  5. Type A are conservative, reserved, punctual, patient and good with plants.
  6. The appearance of Type A and their personality are completely different.
  7. Type A cannot stand traitors.
  8. Type A don’t give second thoughts to just friends; they only care about their few true friends.
  9. Once Type A trust you, they will not stop trusting you.
  10. Type A pick fights easily.

I realized there may be more than 100 of these! Another 10…

  1. Many Type A end up getting married with those they once started out as friends with.
  2. When Type A are happy, they are extremely happy. When they’re sad, they’re extrememly sad.
  3. Type A may seem like worrywarts, but are adventurous on the inside.
  4. Type A prefer a more comfortable atmosphere than a sophisticated one.
  5. When Type A are in love, there is one, and only one, person in the world to them.
  6. Type A stress over trying to make others feel more comfortable.
  7. Type A are ridiculously meticulous.
  8. Type A have many good thoughts but not all of them are shown.
  9. Type A get jealous very easily.
  10. Even if something is not to their liking, Type A will not complain.

Another set of 10 coming up!

  1. Type A hold grudges, but slowly forgive those who’ve done them wrong.
  2. Type A are the most sensitive.
  3. Type A do not force their own opinions upon others.
  4. Type A make sure they keep their promises.
  5. Type A find it difficult to confess first, even more than the other blood types.
  6. Type A are able to concentrate on anything.
  7. Type A are difficult to approach, but once you get to know them, they are very different from their first impression.
  8. When Type A get angry, they do not show it; they are only angry inside.
  9. Type A do not get into arguments often.
  10. Type A believe in people, but not always the words that they speak.

Wow. This seems endless actually o-o another set of 10.

  1. Type A usually suppress their anger; but then comes a day when they may just blow up.
  2. Type A can be very stubborn and selfish.
  3. Type A start determined, but most of the time, they end weakly, or even give up halfway.
  4. Type A are wary of strangers, while no one is a stranger to Type O.
  5. Type A girls are most compatible with Type O boys.
  6. Type O girls are most compatible with Type A boys.
  7. Simplistic and kind Type A girls like the passion of Type O boys.
  8. Attention-seeking Type O girls like the responsible and gentlemen Type A boys.
  9. Once Type A hate someone, they will hate you for life.
  10. Type A plan their arguments in advance, Type B argue loudly, Type AB argue calmly with logic, Type O win the argument.

Reaching the last few now…

  1. Type A love unconditionally.
  2. ‘Be good to me, and I will be good to you.’ is the typical attitude of Type A.
  3. Type O girls may feel neglected by Type A boys, who are reserved and sometimes lack expression of passion.
  4. Type A find it difficult to hide who they like and who they dislike.
  5. Type A put heavy emphasis on good manners.
  6. Type A simply detest traitors.

There! For now that’s that… although I do know there’s a few repeats here and there I think. What do you think? 🙂

86 traits as of now! WHOA O_o. Imma analyze them and compile those I feel apply to me, too :). Get ready for that!


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