Weighing It All Down

Wow. Monthly posts, much? Although hardly anything is said, that’s cause I’m too busy.

Busy with life, busy with work, busy with friends, busy with family… every drop of time is being spent non-stop, regardless of how I use it.

Thing is, the overwhelming workload I’ve had for the past week was plain scary. Experiencing large mood swings is not who I am, but it’s scary to see me do that, especially when it’ll be affecting my other colleagues working with me. It’s difficult, really, sometimes to get all the feelings bottled inside out. Worse, with things constantly pouring in, I really wonder at times if it was ever worth it to go through the suffering.

Yet when the moodiness blows over, everything seems alright yet again. I feel really guilty that I had to show the not-so-positive side of me, and worse, it’s been coming through very often recently. It’s difficult to control, even though I know that it’s just part of how things will turn out.

With the weekends burning out fast for me, and likely to burn even more for the next few weeks, I can already foresee many more challenges coming up ahead, so many things to handle, so many things to complete…

It’s amazing, really, when I look back and see how much I have done for the week, yet it’s equally as daunting to see the amount of work that is waiting for me to be settled again, when the new week fully settles in.

All the burden weighs me down, yet I know that my friends and family are there to support me from the back when I falter. I just don’t want to falter so often, but can that really be controlled? Gotta see…


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