Deep Down Under

It’s weird how emotions sway a person around.

I realized that my workload has been rather heavy recently. Struggles, mini conflicts, resolutions, requests… begging, even, for help. Everything in a package over a span of a few hours, then spanning, now the 2nd day. I wonder if this was the life I really wanted to lead and experience, but for some reason, I still feel it’s worth it.

No matter the amount of stress I’ve gone through, and the amount of stress I can foresee coming up, I feel that there is more than meets the eye to everything, and everything that I experience is eventually going to benefit me.

Today just proved to be another day of fighting fires… but things didn’t go too well for my buddy. Loads of issues, loads of problems.

While I understood what he was going through, I knew I wouldn’t “understand” it fully, unless I experience it myself. Yet consolation isn’t really my forte either… and it’s difficult to say things when you see your friend so pissed, in the brink of despair. Sigh. I felt a little down inside since I couldn’t cheer him up, but I’m just hoping everything goes well.

I’m surprised that no matter what seems to come my way, I still take it by stride. I wonder how that’s possible in this extremely trying period?


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