The Missing Purpose

I think I’m beginning to grow out of games.

Or at least that’s what I think I’m going through. Suddenly getting bored, not knowing what else to do… I realized something: Other than games, what else have I been doing, really?

And the answer I had was a little far from surprising: Nothing.

I can’t believe it, but yeah, this is really the hard truth. And there’s so many other things that’s out from this virtual world of mine that I haven’t discovered, but I just keep drawing myself back to the virtual world. Unfortunately, this world itself is beginning to crack already. I’m starting to see the light outside this cage of mine that I set myself in.

Yet, what lies out of this? I’m a little lost, searching for answers now.

In 9 months, I’ll be out of army, into the studying world yet again… but what’s the purpose of studying, if I don’t have a purpose for the future?

It’s time to do some soul-searching, and I think I gotta dwelve deep into my heart’s depth in order to find this answer of mine that I’ve been searching for, for the many years past…


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