Reminiscence, Moving on

(I was so amazed I spelled reminiscence correctly the first try. Thought it would definitely be wrong and in the end… it wasn’t!~ SURPRISED O_O)

*ahem* Back to topic.

One week of break past, one week of rest. It’s now hitting me that I’ll be going back to where I once stepped foot on, yet the journey will be a fresh one yet again. However, my platoon mates, section mates, bed buddy…. all of them will be missed. Never failing to bring joy to the platoon, always being such a cohesive bunch of peeps that I’d seen through 9 weeks. I don’t think I can forget any of them that easily — there’s just too many memories with them that were forged in the process.

Now as I start on the next journey, which will most likely put me through towards the end of my service of 2 years, I wonder what challenges to expect. I wonder how different my platoon will be from their training in their unit. I wonder… if any of us will lose touch…?


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