Breaks, Illnesses, Preparations

After 9 weeks of grueling (really?) training, I finally POP-ed in proper, and this time at Marina Bay. It was an amazing sight actually, rather breathtaking. I’d say marching 24km to reach there was sort of worth it in the end, although my feet was nothing short of pain, aches, and blisters by the end of it.

The past week has been full of rest, but I’m surprised — my cough has not ended. I’ve had to go do x-ray for my lungs, now waiting for results. I’m hoping it’s nothing serious, although seeing the x-ray made me a little concerned. This cough — it doesn’t feel “normal”. I’m hoping I’m wrong, but all these can only be resolved when I return for a medical review.

Most importantly, Friday (which was just yesterday), completely made my day when I realized I was returning to my unit; the place I desired to return. Yet, when I return, I have to be prepared — prepared for lots of changes, lots of new faces, new structures, new systems… I wonder if I can handle it all again? The stress I went through before I returned to BMT was somehow rather large, but I handled it all, because all these are challenges I may have to face in real working life in future. Will the challenges become even greater than before? Will stress get too much into me this time?

I can only wait and see, for so many things, time is the only deciding factor…

Pictures of my graduation to come soon, once I get to find the camera and upload all the photos!


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