The Quivering Knight

I’m down with some illness, again. Thanks to Tekong and maybe its water and the people who were down with illness before me. Sigh.

Upper respiratory tract infection. Horrible, horrible times to be undergoing yet again. The previous round took me 6 weeks to recover. I hope it won’t take that long this time, because I have some really major activities coming up very very soon.

I lost my voice, too. It’s almost impossible to talk with sound coming out now, although straining it a bit still allows for some sound… but I don’t want to strain it. Just gotta let it recover.

Here’s hoping I get well really soon, so that I can go back to the once happy, once neverending-singing, once chirpy person that I’ve been. I’m so solemn currently I don’t feel like myself.

Also, it seems like either the medicine is too powerful, or my muscle memory is too excellent. The whole of last night I couldn’t sleep, thanks to one really freaky dream that kept me waking up at least once every hour. The instant I fell back to sleep, the dream strikes back again, but continues on. I wonder what this really means?

I’m scared. Scared that some things will happen, but I have to face everything out there. It’s just 6 more weeks for me to POP proper, and I don’t want to give everything up. I can actually even consider it as just “3 weeks” to POP, considering how all the major activities end by then…

Yet, the dream I had just last night have given me some negative thoughts. I don’t want to be affected by it, but I am already. All the fears, all the worries… everything came rushing towards my mind as I woke every single time, till now.

Motivation exists for me to push on, and the buddies around me will be my next main source to bring me towards the end. All this will come to an end, when I successfully complete some activities….

And it all starts. Tomorrow.


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