No, it’s not game related this time. My life isn’t just fun and games, there’s the real side to me as well.

And so, although I’ve been influenced by J-pop for quite a few years, recently I’ve gone back to listening to some English songs. And, some of these songs just don’t fail to blow me away. They catch up to me almost instantly as the song plays, that’s how great it is.

Some of you may not like it, some of you may, but ultimately, it’s all just a preference.

A few days back, I was looking around YouTube for some song videos when I stumbled upon an alternative version to Fireflies, by Owl City. Must I say, his talent is excellent! Without further explanation, take a look:

Original song, by Owl City (Adam Young, if you would):

Remade song, by pbpproductions (Mike Tompkins):

I’m thoroughly impressed by Mike’s talent. This is some cool stuff, don’t you think? 🙂



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