Perseo x Gaia – 2 [Naver]

As the time ticks down toward the brand new, yet very dark storyline, more images of Perseo and Gaia have surfaced. Interestingly, Perseo is… actually not a monster. I’m rather surprised, actually.

For once, his face is seen, but it seems like when we face him… rage will consume all that wish for nothing, but their love to return. Revenge unto those who has caused this suffering… or will it turn into a berserk fight against all who stands in his path instead?

Without You
You’re every breath that I take
You’re every step I make

For those who can’t really read the words, even after zooming it in:

Gaia: the God of Restoration
I begged on a star, to throw me a beam or two
Wished for a star, and ask for a dream or two
I looked for every loveliness
It all came true
I wished on the moon
for you…

Sounds familiar maybe? That’s because it’s a portion of lyrics adapted from ‘I wished on the Moon’ by Billie Holiday. It’s quite an old song, but using it for this context? Perfect!

Click me to listen to the song!

Okay, so it’s a very, very old song, so I suppose it won’t suit most of the tastes of the younger generation. It’s a little too upbeat too, compared to the sadness that Perseo’s experiencing, but you can’t deny it, the context still matches perfectly.

Enjoy your weekend. 🙂



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