The Grand Chase Network

The next few posts are likely to be all testing out the functionality of WordPress, while I explore around and see if I can get more fun out of posting here, compared to Blogger o_o.

I guess one thing I’m still not too sure is: ISN’T THERE ANYWAY I CAN CHANGE MY FONT?! D:

Of course, that’s just a minor issue, so it’s okay. Meanwhile, I should go post some interesting stuffs that I’ve been keeping for so long. Hmm…

As you may have already observed, the header is that of Zero from Grand Chase. It’s a pretty good platform side-scroller, if you ask me. Got hooked really quick. Here’s just a random image from Grand Chase that I got:

Just testing out functionality. Things will roll out really quick once I get the hang of this!

I’m beginning to love WordPress though. It’s convenient to start uploading things directly from my computer! Woohoo!


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